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For the cheese lover that likes a little bit of luxury.


Dorstone – Neal’s Yard Creamery, Herefordshire – Named after the hill where Neal’s Yard Creamery sits, this turret shaped goats cheese is bright and citrussy with a gently acidic finish. Rolled in vegetal ash, the wrinkly exterior is eye catching and edible! Pasteurised goat milk.


Baron Bigod – Bungay, Suffolk – Ladled by hand, this rich and creamy brie style soft cheese is aged for up to 8 weeks in Suffolk by Jonny and Dulcie Crickmore. A sell out from day one at grate, this has wonderful mushroom notes, full of buttery richness, and is smooth and delicate. Raw cow milk.


Renegade Monk – Felthams Farm, Somerset – Renegade Monk is made from organic, pasturised cow’s milk and then hand-washed in ‘Funky Monkey’ ale every few days as the cheese matures.  The cheese is deliberately created in a style not traditionally found in Britain – but rather a cheese inspired by a range of continental cheeses, such as Epoisses and Langres. When the cheese is soft, the rind is pale and can have a scatter of blue, with a pungent inner core. Pasteurised cow milk.


Beaufort – Savoie, France – Beaufort is a firm, raw cow’s milk cheese associated with the gruyère family. An Alpine cheese, it is produced in Beaufortain, Tarentaise valley and Maurienne, which are located in the Savoie region of the French Alps. Raw cow milk.


Cabra al Vino – La Mancha, Spain – Wash one of Spain’s finest cheeses in a local La Mancha red wine? Yes please! This is a manchego style cheese, nicely salty, but with a sweet tang of cherries – really popular! Raw goat milk.


Maida Vale – Village Maid Dairy, Riseley, Berkshire – Guernsey cow milk makes this cheese incredibly rich and smooth with a distinctive yellow paste. Washed in a local West Coast IPA, this is bittersweet and malty, punchy and pungent. Raw cow milk.


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In the unlikely event that an item is unavailable, we will replace it with another suitable and of the same or greater value.
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