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Buying cheese for a traditionalist? They will love this Best of British banquet.


Colston Bassett Stilton -Harby, Nottinghamshire – Gentle and sweet, this should change any nay-sayers minds when they say Stilton is too strong! Creamy and buttery, the curds are hand-ladled to ensure a rich and smooth textured cheese. Pasteurised cow milk.


Montgomery’s Cheddar – North Cadbury, Somerset – Moz’s favourite cheese of all time! The best traditional clothbound West Country farmhouse cheddar I’ve ever had! Rich and crystalline, intensely savoury, you’ll be coming back to the cheese board again and again. Raw cow milk.


Baron Bigod – Bungay, Suffolk – Ladled by hand, this rich and creamy brie style soft cheese is aged for up to 8 weeks in Suffolk by Jonny and Dulcie Crickmore. A sell out from day one at grate, this has wonderful mushroom notes, full of buttery richness, and is smooth and delicate. Raw cow milk.


Sparkenhoe Red Leicester – Nuneaton, Warwickshire – Forget what you think you know about Red Leicester, this is the real deal! Complex and nutty and mellow all at once, this is a traditionally made clothbound cheese, and a real favourite in the shop. Raw cow milk.


Kirkham’s Lancashire – Goosnargh, Lancashire – In 1939 there were 202 farmhouse Lancashire producers, and now Kirkham’s is the only one left. A traditional crumbly Lancashire with a moist loose texture and yogurty tangy finish. Raw cow milk.


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In the unlikely event that an item is unavailable, we will replace it with another suitable and of the same or greater value.
Hampers can only be collected in December.
The minimum weight of cheese is 1.2kg.