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Support local farmers and suppliers with this delightful selection of deliciousness.


Doddington Darling Blue – Wooler, Northumberland – Named after Grace Darling, who risked her life to save stranded sailors following a shipwreck, this is a fabulously buttery and mellow blue cheese. The exterior is reminiscent of the rocks around Grace’s home by the sea, but the interior is pale to lemon yellow and melts beautifully on a steak sandwich….if that’s your thing. Pasteurised cow milk.


Weardale Brie – Weardale Cheese, Crook, Co Durham – Handmade by Simon Raine in Weardale, this is his take on a classic brie. Made in a deeper mould than a traditional brie, this allows the centre to remain quite firm as the edges take on all the bloomy mushroomy flavours expected from a brie. Pasteurised cow milk.


Northumberland Nettle – Blagdon, Northumberland – Always a crowd-pleaser, this rich creamy cheese is full of a bespoke nettle and herb mix, which gives a wonderful oniony/garlicky tang to the cheese. Great on a cheeseboard, great in a toastie! Pasteurised cow milk.


Northumberland Redesdale – Blagdon, Northumberland – Sweet and subtle, this sheep cheese is very gentle and smooth and will surprise anyone who thinks sheep and goat cheeses are too strong! Velvety smooth texture, clean and tangy. Pasteurised sheep milk.


Weardale Bonny Moorhen – Weardale Cheese, Crook, Co Durham – Handmade by Simon Raine in Weardale, this is the smoked version of his original Weardale cheese (available instore) – firm, white and crumbly with a light smoke. Pasteurised cow milk.


Doddington Cuddy’s Cave – Wooler, Northumberland – Made locally in Wooler, Northumberland, this is a dales style cheese with a complex range of flavour, from fresh and lemony when young, to rich mellow creaminess when mature. Named after the location where St Cuthbert’s body was hidden to escape the Viking invasion, Doddington Dairy commemorate local heroes names in all their cheeses. Raw cow milk.


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In the unlikely event that an item is unavailable, we will replace it with another suitable and of the same or greater value.
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