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Fancy something a little… fancy? This selection of continental cheeses is perfect for the adventurous amongst you.


Banon – Provence, France – Wrapped in chestnut leaves and raffia, this soft and sticky goats cheese is a firm favourite at grate. Aged for a minimum of 2 weeks, this can have a strong and intense nutty flavour. Raw Goat Milk.


Carboncino – Piedmont, Italy – Made with pasteurised cow and sheeps milk from Italy and pasteurised goats milk from Spain, this cheese is a real crowd pleaser. Dark ashed exterior gives way to a glossy smooth interior, meltingly soft in the middle. Pasteurised cow, sheep & goat milk.


Durrus – Coomkeen, West Cork – We love a washed rind at grate, and that this one is Irish makes it even better! Smooth and soft, this ranges from creamy buttery tastes through to bitter caramel at it’s most mature. Raw cow milk.


Cashel Blue – Tipperary, Ireland – The first modern Irish artisan cheese, this cheese is HUGELY popular at grate, even if most people mispronounce it! (it’s Cashel like castle, not Ca-shell like Michelle). Made by hand in Co Tipperary since 1984, this is buttery and rich with a nice saltiness from the blue, and never gets too overpowering. Pasteurised cow milk.


Comté – Franche-Comte, France – The manufacture of Comte AOC is highly regulated, ensuring that the correct cows are fed in the correct way on the correct feed and the milk is handled according to strict rules, guaranteeing a perfect cheese every time. Smooth and nutty, this is one of Moz’s personal favourites and is never not in her fridge! Raw cow milk


Manchego Curado – La Mancha, Spain – Aged for 6 months, this classic Spanish cheese from La Mancha is a must on any cheeseboard. Sweet and salty, goes perfectly with membrillo, slightly creamy too.


Membrillo – La Mancha, Spain – The perfect accompaniment to any sheep’s cheese, but actually delicious with blue cheeses too, this is made from the best Spanish quinces

In the unlikely event that an item is unavailable, we will replace it with another suitable and of the same or greater value.
Hampers can only be collected in December.
The minimum weight of cheese is 1.1kg.